Not A Shred of Evidence

At the very least you gotta have a begrudging respect for the audacity of the Clinton’s.  I mean, for a pair, (can’t really call them a couple now, can we?) that has absolutely NO USE for the truth, they not only thrive, but prosper.  “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky”, “It depends what the definiation of “Is”, is”, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”, and now “Not a shred of evidence” from the woman who acknowledged to the world, in a televised press conference, that SHE DESTROYED THE EVIDENCE!  It’s astonishing to me that she can even show her face in public, much less remain the presumtive Democrat candidate for the Presidency!  Any one of these statements / actions would have long ago doomed a Conservative candidate.  Heck, a Conservative can’t even openly oppose the redfinition of  the 2000 year institution of marriage, without being regarded some king of pariah and rejected out of hand, never mind endless lies, corruption and scandal!  One very big difference between a Conservatiuve and a Liberal is that Conservatives actually try to live up to a set of principles, and, AT SOME POINT, however begrudingly at times,they will abandon a scandalous politician to suffer the consequences of their own actions.  Not always as soon as they should, but typically, they will make the tough call.  Liberals don’t have a moral code.  It’s win at all costs and “stand by my man”, because the AGENDA is what matters, not how it is achieved.  In the end, THAT’S what the Clinton’s understand.