America’s Hero?

The Baltimore riots have produced another unlikely “American Hero”.  Both mainstream media and social media are literally abuzz with praise for the ghetto mom who was video taped slapping the snot out of her gangsta, thug, would be rioter, son.   Really, is this how low our expectations have fallen?  This woman is a living, breathing example of EXACTLY what’s wrong in our lower socio-economic communities.  She’s had numerous kids, out of wedlock, with differentg Dad’s, who, by all accounts are no longer in the picture.  She commits repeated assaults on her son, IN PUBLIC.  Not exactly the model method for instilling discipline, unless you happen to be ISIS.  If this woman were white, (or Heaven forbid, Adrian Peterson), people would be calling for her head and her kids would be in the custody of Child Protective Services.  Don’t think so?  Just ask the Meitiv family, who, irony or ironies, also hail from MARYLAND, and are currently being persecuted for“unsubstantiated neglect”, for, brace yourselves now,  letting their kids walk home from the park!  Say it ain’t so!  

Ghetto mom is no hero and the Meitiv’s aren’t a danger to their children.  None the less, I’m betting Ghetto mom get’s rich with a reality TV show and the Meitiv’s end up in bankruptcy.